Wednesday, December 19, 2012


We cleaned the house, packed away the millions of toys, wrapped some chrissy presents & caught the train into the city to catch the last session for the day of Charlie & Lola's Extremely New Play at the Opera House.
She told me she remembered how we had gone a while ago when Gabby wasn't around, how we had been at the Opera House a few times but not to see Charlie or Lola to see the lights with daddy & Gabby.

Once we sat down & she ate all the food I had purchased for her in the first 10min she didn't move, not even when I had to quickly dash out to hand Gabby over to my sister as she had become uncomfortable being in the same place for so long. It was great getting to spend 30min alone with Bella, she held my hand, I kissed her forehead & we laughed, it was kind of like old times.

(It made me set a goal for next year to spend one day a week just doing something with Bella without Gabby, even if its only for 30min, it'll be our together time.)

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