Wednesday, December 05, 2012


This month you have changed dramatically, after having your first high fever the happy baby you were seemed to have faded away, nothing made you smile, giggle or coo my heart broke because I thought you would stay moody for the rest of the time but no it has all come back even better than before.

You love to interact with everyone especially with Bella who you now play with.

You are much more interested in everything so we have to be careful where we leave things so you don't eat them or pick them up, place them into a your bucket & get upset when we take it off you.

Your hair has gotten much longer & harder to clip up as you love to tug it out.

You have also started to show signs of crawling & standing up.

plus you are getting your first tooth.

Gabby Wears; Seed Oneise similar found here, amber teething necklace & cotton on kids hair clip.


  1. I love watching her grow through all your photos. She's simply gorgeous.

  2. here from Che & Fidel - such beautiful photos, and moments captured so beautifully!