Sunday, December 02, 2012


1. The cool breeze coming in, after two days of heat it was a nice change.
2. This Girls playing with Bella's little people nativity set.
3. Gabby super happy post nap.
4. Bella decorating the Christmas tree.

Joining along along with Em from The Beetle Shack 
Stills; A Weekly Collection 
I promise next week it'll be about our week.


  1. a beautiful collection, the weather has been so crazy, hasn't it? wishing you a most wonderful week ahead :)sarah

  2. Lovely photos. that first breeze after a heatspell is always such a welcome joy! I love the photo of Bella decorating the tree. So special when they're old enough to really do it themselves!

  3. oooh the 'snips' i love it!!

    SO beautiful, especially the christmas tree :)

    xo em

  4. Lovely stills. I love getting a glimpse into your space, especially like the pink shear curtains. And that cool breeze was so welcome. Even the rain today was welcome. Im x