Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The Zoo

He had not been to the zoo since he was around 10, so yesterday afternoon when the grey clouds decided to part & the humidity reached its high we packed ourselves into our car & drove.
Both girls crashing not even half way into the trip, making them both really happy when we arrived.

He made us look at everything the bird aviary which was exciting for Bella as we always avoided that spot with my sister as we do not like birds, all the Australian animals, the African Safari, where we saw the Chimpanzees screaming at each other & checking each others butts out, both elephant enclosures, its a little sad to see the male one alone just wondering, the tiger, reptile world & we had to see the seals. 
Gabby didn't seem to notice where we were as she was much more interested with her own giraffe.

Overall they all had fun, running away from the "wild" birds, laughing because they tried to steal our sandwiches from under the pram but it was good to get back into the car & drive home for some takeaway.

photos; Bella's favourite birdy, the lonely male elephant, looking at the Gibbons (monkeys), female elephants + the baby, looking at the gorillas, the tiger, crazy chimpanzees, Bella & the water playground, the seals tank. 

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