Saturday, January 05, 2013


Gabby is nine months old now, yes, its crazy I know & it's seriously killing me that its going so fast, but I am enjoying every moment of it.
She no longer is the baby that sits & watches everything happen before her eyes, she is now a participator in everything she can get her hands or join in on. 

Currently she likes to crawl off things, one handed hold on things & tries to move around holding on to things with that one hand, yes she is trying to walk even just a few steps, a few accidents have happened but a few hugs & kisses from me make it all better. 

She babbles like crazy, I swear I hear ma-ma-ma this morning, she loves it when Bella comes in to our room in the morning as she screams with excitment & smiles from ear to ear.

Still doing demand feeding, co-sleeping & baby led wean which she is getting really good at, right now she just can't get enough of quinoa, cucumbers & watermelon.

outfit from Jack & Milly similar found here

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  1. Gabby is seriously so cute!! I have been meaning to look into baby led weaning, would you recommend it? I'm waiting for a book to come in at the library & cant wait to find out more. We also do demand feeding & it has been working great!
    Love the little outfit too, Jack & Milly do the cutest stuff! x