Tuesday, February 05, 2013


This morning when we woke up Gabby had already turned 10 months.
She is all hand clapping, waving hellos, goodbyes, walking along the furniture, attempting to stand on her own & babbling what sounds like words.
Yes mama comes out a lot.
Still only the two teeth she's had since she was around 8 months but she has learnt how to use them while she breastfeeding, which tend to leave me screaming a little.

She loves to be held, in fact to be next to me at all times, making doing things around the house a little hard, still very into music plays her drums, Bella's piano & anything that makes sound.

We are trying to get her into a routine as Bella started kindy a few days back as we are still trying to get on our two feet & we need everyone to be in sync.

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  1. I CANNOT believe she is 10 months already!!!!! I feel like she was only just born!!! Time goes by far too quickly!