Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Every time I look at her I die a little with all cuteness she she has falling out from her, the way she laughs, plays peek-a-boo with herself or interacts with other children makes my knees melt. 
I wish she could stay like this forever.

11 things she loves to do:

1; Stand up holding on to nothing.
2; Clapping her hands when she is excited.
3; Crawl super fast into her sisters room to pull down all the toys, blankets & clothes.
4. Getting hugs from Bella.
5; Sitting on the cat while pulling the cats ears.
6; Scream when she is excited.
7; Eating seedless grapes.
8; Feed her self, the highchair & the floor.
9; Pull all the wipes from the wipes box.
10; Dance her little tooshy off.
11; Singing in the car with Bella.

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  1. there really is just too much cuteness.


  2. Gabby is seriously adorable.

    She reminds me of my little Nora, who is almost 11 months. Her favourite activities are feeding herself (and the floor) and everytime she stands holding onto nothing a whole heap of giggling and handclapping occurs!

  3. Oh she is adorable. only a month to go until she is 1!!

  4. She is precious, honey! I cannot believe she is nearly one!!! And I know exactly how you feel, I was looking through the blog at pictures of Nahla when she was like 8-9 months old, and she was so CUTE! And I was getting all sentimental at how way too fast time is going by! Happy 11-month b-day to Gabby, she is a doll! xxx