Thursday, March 07, 2013

Remember how many Wednesdays ago we used to do fun stuff

Yesterday we spent the afternoon sitting on the beach at Bondi.
Bella splashing around with daddy while Gabby & me watched from the shore occasionally dipping our feet into the waves that flowed to us.
I could hear Bella laughing from afar , ever so often turning around to wave which was greeted with a high pitched excitement scream from Gabby who would try to crawl to them only to be disappointed & upset when she realised the water was too cold for her liking.  
The afternoon/evening was just perfect. 


  1. Beautiful photos! That sounds like the most perfect day spent as a family together!

  2. sometimes it is nice just to get out and spend time as a family, even if you leave the dishes dirty in the sink and clothes in the washing machine!