Friday, May 10, 2013

We visit this park every day before Bella finishes school, before she used to just watch the other children play but now she joins in, crawls to where she wants to be, moving everything & trying her best to climb up on things that are just too hard for her. 

I've started to incorporate the Montessori method in a few things which have gone really, I am trying to work it out one day at a time  as a few things we are not able to do, I just need to get myself more organised, buy a few things & I'll get the hang of it. 

Today she took more than a few steps, I placed her in front of me, I moved a few cms away from her with my arms out ready to catch her just in case, she walked towards me with a big smile & we all clapped.
Hopefully she starts feeling more confident in the next few days/weeks & she finally starts walking, I have noticed is she likes to either walk bare feet or in the shoes that Bella learnt to walk in, so new proper shoes are in order.

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