Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Today we woke up early enough to attend reading club, Bella had to get her name signed off & then find a book inside these buckets that where placed around the library. 
She choice a few hard ones that I had to read as she only recognised certain words, so we went through a few quite fast then it was her turn, she usually she brings home easy books two or three words on each page but today she showed me she was able to read a full extended sentence which is quite exciting for us both. I'm so proud of her.

This afternoon I was tidying up the living room for dinner Bella & me noticed Gabby was attempting to walk from one side to the other occasionally holding on to objects around her but doing her best not to grab on. Soon she was off walking from the couch to the tv stand, to the play kitchen. 
She looked super excited she can now move the same way as us, she spend the last 30min before bed time just walking/waddling in the living room from one side to the other.

Tomorrow we are off to buy her proper shoes to walk with, cardboard sheets so I am able to print a few of these for the girls & these jeans for me ha.

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