Saturday, June 08, 2013

13 + 14 Months

This is Gabby she is a little dare devil who constantly has a bruise or two on her forehead, chin & cheek, she truly is wilder than Bella which is saying something.
Since she started walking over a month ago everything has become so much more amazing for her, she now is able to get to places so much faster without being caught, we usually find her in the kitchen trying to get into the fridge.
She loves to say hi, bye bye, wave & give us kisses. Scream at Bella + sing with her too. 
Her developing is so much faster than Bella's was but I guess that's because she actually has Bella to copy. 

14 things she loves to do:

Walk every where.
Touch everything.
Remove her shoes & socks at inappropriate times.
Sing Ring-a-ring-a-rosie.
Removes all magazines/books from bookcase & proceeds to stomp on them.
Cuddling Daddy in the morning.
Having bathes with Bella.
Eating food from my plate.
Grinding crumbs in the couch spaces.
Spitting water to make herself wet.
Reading All Fall Down at midnight.
Stealing the mouse of the computer.
Chucking cds/dvds into the toilet bowl.
Not wearing a Jacket/Jumper/Cardigan ever.


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