Monday, June 03, 2013

My home is quite the bathe rush, dinner rush are both over, the small child is sleeping due to not having a nap this afternoon, I'm not too sure if I should celebrate or tip toe around the house tidying up like a crazy women, I guess I could do both.

This silence is bliss. The older child is doing her homework with the help from daddy, she wants to finish it all today so then she's free the rest of the week, these are the moments I enjoy so truly.

I really do love the silence it helps me think, wonder & hope for the future so many plans for the future.

Right now the plan is to make the home more of a home, to start to sew again we need a few simple curtains for our room, to remove all the things we no longer use or wish to have,sounds easier said then done & to all eat dinner together.


Photos; 4:30pm Window Closing, Our Bedroom, The Living Room & Bella's Room.
Gabby almost 14 months old, walking & blabbering.

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