Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We went to vivid on Sunday night with some friends & their daughters, it was so packed it was actually quite crazy. We weren't able to get to the opera house due to something going wrong or over crowding, at one moment we go stuck in a crowd so our only option was to walk forward.

I was actually pretty disappointed but I was not the only one, their facebook page went crazy with people complaining about the lack of information available to the public, the lack of help, lack of toilets that where open & how some people had no care about children/prams, for us both dads had to put a child on their shoulders, I put one between the pram handle/my body & Gabby was safe inside the pram.

Apart from the lights where amazing as always, grabbing Gabby's attention as she would point & oohh at us until we looked.

Yet I will think hard about attending next year.


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