Friday, June 07, 2013

Weekend Wear

Running around doing errands, attending sports, dance classes & going to birthday parties doesn't mean you have to wear your trackies with your not so beautiful jumper you've had for a few years.
I am all for comfort I live in jeans, tees & oversized sunnies (to hide bags under my eyes) all week, running after a small child that just learnt to walk is a little time consuming + getting both girls ready to leave the house before 8:45 for the school run, I am grateful I am not back at work just yet because then that would be hard.

This weekend we have it a little bit over packed a trip to the shops to get new shoes, baking cakes, a trip to the farmers market, a birthday party then a trip to the mountains by Monday night you will totally find me in my trackies inside my bed watching another disney movie to keep the older one entertained & doing a puzzle with the smaller one.

What do you have planned this Long Weekend??

One; Tee, Pants, Shoes.
Two; Sunnies, Tee, Necklace, Denim, Shoes.
Three; Beanie, Tee, Tights, Shoes.
Extra; Toy, Magazine, Nail Polish.


  1. Cute outfits - in love with your blog... I'm now following after finding out about you over at little old souls. Shari from