Monday, July 01, 2013


Its been raining non stop for the past few days, wait who I am kidding it really hasn't stopped for the past week, there are moments it not as bad as others but the cold wind makes the rain just a tad bit worst.
Spending the days at home is like asking for tantrum after tantrum but what can you do really??
I am pretty grateful that the school holidays started officially today as the skies opened & let the much needed sun through. 
Unfortunately today is laundry day.
The rain + not having an actually washing machine makes doing laundry 100x worse, carrying it all to my parents house to wash then carrying it all back home to either hang or dry in the dryer is so not fun with two children which would rather run as fast as they can to the next park to get super dirty but it must get done or they'll have no clothes.
But we made it fun as I hanged it all up they played with the leaves, helped hang the socks & one sat in a muddy puddle.


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