Tuesday, November 05, 2013

nineteen months old.

So I kind of fell of the wagon on documenting about you but I was living in the moment, enjoying every step you took, now we are here at nineteen months and it feels crazy. You have developed so much these past few months from the amount of words you use each day to the way you interact with other people being relatives or strangers.

My favourtie words are "bebe" = Baby, "oes" shoes, "see yea" = I see you (used during peekaboo) & finally "ella, ella"= Bella.

Loving; Babies/dollys, wooden blocks that you make me build for you only to knock them down & giggle about it, your four wooden animals you carry to most places.
Watching; Charlie & Lola on youtube or from dvds + playschool.
Reading; All Fall Down by Helen Oxenbury, you even know what happens on each page.
Eating; Cucumbers, Cherry tomatoes, Blueberries, strawberries & always rice.

Until next month my bebe
x Mummy.

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