Saturday, December 21, 2013

This morning when I woke up the sun had just made its way up, everything was silent it was crazy, no cars speeding past, little children crying/screaming, people talking out loud it was soothing after many months going with the flow of the ever busy inner city its like it has finally stopped only for a little bit.

As he did a quick job outisde & both girls still slept for once in a long time I was able to do yoga, without little bodies climbing over me, talking to me & demanding many requests, it was just me and my mat.
The stiffness in my body didn't dishearten me it pushed me to do more which I am now so grateful for the time that I took for myself, the time that I was able to get refocused, to breath & to get the fogginess out of my head.

It all makes me happy.
Now to put my shoes on & make my way into the city, yes I am a little crazy.
Have a wonderful weekend. x

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