Friday, December 06, 2013

Today a good man died, a man that many would say changed the way the world for the better.  
Nelson Mandela. 

Today marks only 7 more days left of school for Bella, 
yet she is more excited about going into year 1 than spending 6 weeks being at home with us.
Gabby turned 20 months & has started to act like a 2 year old with her tiny demands  + she likes to use the toilet now. 
I currently smell like the best coffee you have ever had & my skin feels so amazingly soft thanks to this scrub.
I haven't picked up my camera in about a week plus // the zoo photos are thanks to my little sister.
Tomorrow we are off to be tourist in our own city a visit to darling harbour, 
some zara//top shop shopping + looking for gifts for my parents & inlaws.
Now for quiet night drinking green tea & watching The Carrie Diaries.
Have a nice weekend.

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