Saturday, January 04, 2014

late nights.

Its a little late right now he just got home from the gym with the most beautiful pizza's in hand both girls are fast asleep & I really should be too but I can never fall asleep before he arrives.

I need to take a quick shower before I can put my new pjs on & lay my head on the pillow because right now I am a mix of sea salt & sweat such wonderful smells.

We spent the afternoon by the beach.
Him swimming in the waves then jumping into the pools with both girls in arms, we searched for crabs with great success with Gabby screaming with delight while Bella screamed with distress as "they might bite her finger off!", while he held them I did a few laps before call it a night as their lips had turned purple & both shaking from the cold. 
Together we bundled them just enough for their hands to stick out so they could eat some warm dinner before driving off home.
I wish every day was like this. so peaceful.
but no tomorrow I clean/tidy our home & pull down the christmas tree.

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