Thursday, January 30, 2014

shoot. schools in

And just like that the summer holidays ended with a little bang, new shoes + new bag,
yesterday Bella in-barked in a new milestone in her life, she started year one & as I waved her goodbye for the day a little tear swelled up in my eye my first baby getting so big before my eyes.
She came home all excited telling us everything they did, how she had fun & her teacher was nice but she still liked her kindy one more.
While at home Gabby was lost following me around for the most the day, telling her god mother who popped in that "ella gone" with a sad face. 
When it was time to pick her up she was over the moon with excitement running to get her shoes so I could put them on.
Today has been different after waking up at 6:30am she has gone down for a nap way to early which was awesome at the time but not now as she is being a grumpy bum chucking everything in her way on the floor.

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