Saturday, May 24, 2014

14/40 // Round Three.

Dear Bubbles, that's what I like calling you.

We finally hit the second trimester which I am so grateful for, I thought that by now all the nausea feeling, tiredness would go away but no its still here, its actually so strange to feel this way as with your big sisters I didn't at all.

Mostly the tiredness annoys me, I want to do so many things with the girls but physically getting out of bed is hard as its so cold in the morning.

I am still at that awkward stage that I look more like I had a big dinner rather than carrying a baby but its okay seeing as I still fit into all my normal clothes + have only put on a few kilos much less than I did at this stage last time around.

Craving: salty foods (which is strange for me)
Sipping on: Water.
Dreaming about: Donna Hay Brownies
Reading: Babycenter Pregnancy: from pre-conception to birth

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