Sunday, June 15, 2014

17//40 + Words

I wanted to write so much, my head actually has many words but nothing comes out the way I think it should be, right now I should be studying for my exam I have on tuesday & on friday but my head just can't concentrate which is a little frustrating as I need to pass these so I can continue studying.

Dear Bubbles, 
You are 17wks + 4days. 
On friday we heard your tiny heartbeating for the first time which was so amazing to hear all those silly worries I had just washed away. 
Our first hospital visit went really great, our local hospital is such a small one that it just felt so perfect, I asked to be placed on the midwife group practice group as that means I can have the same midwife all the way until you are born, I am actually totally excited.
You are also moving so so much more than before which is so nice.

Craving: peanut butter toast
Sipping on: water
Dreaming about: a bugaboo donkey, I already have a pram but its just so pretty, I can always dream. 
Reading: peppermint magazine.

both girls coats from Zara.

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