Thursday, June 26, 2014

on turning 25

turning 25 seemed like something that would never come, something that would never make me feel different but it has, its strange to think that it has but it did.
It has made me think harder of all the things I want in life to either change or to start happening, even though I have slightly had to put things on hold due to being half way pregnant with our third baby its helped me deal with the fact that things haven't happened the way I would have liked them to.
I had this conversation with my best friend about how I felt I hadn't accomplished much since I finished high school the eight years since really felt like a blur of things that I did to make other people happy.

Its weird to think that things that used to seem so important to me have started to fade away, I just spend a month without a proper mobile working, no social media while I was out, no camera, no messaging people & even though it completely sucked I got used to the silence, the silence of realising that I take everyday for granted, that I care a little bit to much for people that do not feel the same way about me.

So heres to being 25, endless nappies & coffee.

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  1. 25 was a big deal for me too. I was shocked I had an almost 2 year old at that point.