Sunday, July 06, 2014


These school holidays have gone flying past, one more week to go which is hopefully spent just like the week that past at home enjoying the company of one another, limiting the amount of tv to nothing, going to the local park to play, having picnics with friends unless the weather turns then will be at home painting, making playdoh & enjoying the fact that both girls now share a room.

Dear Bubbles, 
20wks + 4days. 
These weeks are going past so much quicker, we only have 16wks left which is a little scary. 
A week ago we got to see you squirming inside me, your big sister so excited to watch you move, to see your little face with that tiny little nose that looks just like your hers & your dads. You are growing just like you are meant too actually doing quite well measuring a little bigger.
I have slowly started to buy you new things to wear when you come earth bound, even looking into getting a a new quilt set & sheets.

Craving: butter chicken & naan bread.
Sipping on: green tea.
Dreaming about: a nice massage & coconut & lime candles.
Reading: frankie 

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  1. I'm so excited for your baby three! And I can't believe you're already over halfway.

    I just moved Osc and Nora into the same room. I was dreading it, yet so far, they've been sleeping well. Hope moving your two girls in together went just as smoothly.