Tuesday, July 29, 2014

23 & 24/40

Dear Sol. 
As I attempt to write this up you are going crazy inside my belly, kicking & stretching so much more roughly than weeks before. My favourite time is when I lay my head on the pillow at night & as I get ready to dose off you must start having a dance party or something which makes daddy quite excited.

So far this pregnancy has been going smoothly compared to your big sisters' ones, its actually nice not having to be at the drs every week or two just to make sure everything is going okay with me. Just the waiting to be able to hear your heartbeat is a little too long for my liking but soon it'll be shorter & then after that I will have you in my arms but what makes everything just a little better is that we got into the midwifery group practice which has made me relax much more than I would have been any other way.

Craving: SUMMER fruits.
Sipping on: green tea.
Dreaming about: swimming in the ocean, just letting my body float.
Reading: how to start a business.

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