Friday, August 15, 2014

26 / 40

Today I woke up very sore, tired & moody.
I guess that could be because I am just a week or less away from being in the third trimester so everything is changing, its funny how you forgot these little details with each pregnancy.
I've started nesting just a little, I moved the living room around + brought in the play kitchen into it so the girls could use it more than they do & have almost reached the end of the endless mountain of washing in the basket.
I've started to buy more tiny baby things, just simple nothing to over the top just yet.

I got weighted last week & we've only put on 4kgs in the last 8wks, I was totally excepting more but happy to that that, next week we see the midwife so I get to ask my 101 questions that I have & I still have to organise to get my blood glucose test.

As I type this you are moving around quite a lot, your sisters are quietly painting in the living room while we wait for Daddy to get home so we can go pick up some ingredients for dinner hopefully soon because I am a little hungry.

Craving: Quiche & pumpkin soup.
Sipping on: green tea and forever water.
Dreaming about: sleeping. 
Reading: frankie.

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