Thursday, October 02, 2014

This is the cake we baked last night, we iced this afternoon & added fresh berries to it.
 I would love to say it was a wonderful experience baking with a 2.5 year old but in reality it was a little stressful at times we lost 2 eggs to the floor which ended up with tears because she had egg on her shoe, some milk splashed all over the counter & she ate most the blueberries before we even got home because I forgot I let her hold them while at the shops, the older one decided not to participate but did however scoff it down rather fast.

As I type this I am sitting in the warmest part of the house enjoying the baby move inside me as we only have a few weeks to go now so every moment is beautiful, the girls are in their room playing with both lego & my little ponies so that mess is going to be wonderful to help tidy up but its finally Thursday, one more day & he will be home for the long weekend which is what I am excited about.

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