Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Birth of D.

The back pain started on Sunday night, he worried so much that we went to the hospital to check if anything was happening but got only disappointed by the fact that I wasn't even dilating. 

Monday came and I asked him to take Bella to school but I still got up to get her ready and to pack her lunch, slowly walking to the kitchen I felt odd pain almost like light contractions, not wanting to cause another scene I kept the news to myself that I even practiced prenatal yoga with Gabby at my feet to put my mind at ease, doing each move as slowly as ever but I got there in the end.

Towards mid afternoon we went with him to pick up car parts, Bella from school and then grabbed some lunch at burger place, the light contractions had become mild ones but still around only 1 an hour, I continued to move around, I got ready for tafe and off we went with my client for the 30 min drive felt like it took ages but we finally arrived so I could train her and then we came home, on the drive back the mild contractions stopped being mild and become so much stronger, I started to time them silently so I wouldn't panic her I had 2 big ones on the drive home.

We got to my parents home, I quickly downloaded the contractions app and told my mum the news, I attempted to eat dinner but I just couldn't seating down made them hurt so much more, so I placed heat packs down my pants to ease the back pain. 

Timing the contractions; they had become 20 min apart, he arrived to eat and pick up the girls and me. While he ate the contractions become 10 min apart, but eased by the same time we drove home, I got the girls into bed and he went outside to finish a job and they came back.
By 11:30 they where 10 min apart, I phoned the midwife to left her know and she told me to call her back when they had got to 5 min apart so had a shower,  by 1:15 am he came in and we called my parents to come as fast as they could because they no longer where 10 mins but more like 3 min apart, he had to call our midwife to let her know because I wasn't able to talk on the phone.

I kissed the girls goodbye, knowing that it was the last time we had two children.

My dad drove us the 5 min to the hospital, 1:45 am we arrived and our midwife hadn't arrived yet but that was okay we got shown the room, set our stuff down and waited, I had a few contractions while we waited.

When she arrived she checked me again only to realise I was only 2 cm dilated, she did a stretch and sweep and asked if I wanted to have a shower, have gas or get into the bath and  I choose the bath.
He helped me in and then grabbed a seat outside and passed out from how tired he was.
Our midwife sat with me in the bathroom while I kept contracting, timing me to see how close they had become.

By 3:30 am she got up to do something and I felt the strangest feeling like my insides had popped, I called out for him to get her back inside, she came back in and checked how dilated I was, I was only 7 cm but the babies head was pushing down and the cervix was still covering it slightly, so in the next contractions she put her hand back inside to move the cervix off the head and that is when I went from 7 cm to 10 cm in a matter of minutes, he watched from beside me holding my hand or rubbing my shoulder.

The urge to push her out came, slowly each contraction helped her make her way out, parts felt like she got stuck but it was the way she was positioned facing my left thigh, I held the the side of the bath him putting his hand over mine and I placed my chin on my chest and pushed her out. 

At 4:00 am I helped place her on my chest and hugged her so tight, welcoming her into the world.
I told him to quickly get the camera so he could take a picture which is the one above but soon the midwives and him started to panic when blood started coming out and the bath turned a deep red colour, them draining the bath and helping me get out to check how much I was losing as I have low iron levels but nothing that would make a massive difference, he was more worried as my skin changed colours, for the first time they gave me the shot to help the placenta come out, it was intact and still had most of the bag attached. 

I couldn't stop looking at her or him I was so happy and still am.
We dressed her, I feed her with great ease and we tried to get some sleep before we where aloud to go home.

By 10:00 am I was back at home inside my bed with her all wrapped up placed inside the co-sleeper and him by my side.

For the first time I had the birth that I wanted, without even planning it and I am so grateful for that.

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  1. Congratulations. I love how you just got on with your day, I was exactly the same for my third. Such a beautiful story and so important to write down and remember.