Sunday, January 18, 2015


Being a teen mum was hard, falling pregnant at 17 just after being with him for only  6 months was never our plan but together we embraced it, we took the new responsibility and made it a positive thing even though the world was telling us it was not a good idea.
Today I am young mummy to three is even harder, as soon as people realise they are all mine I can always hear those little stupid unnessary remarks but who cares .
Because in the end we all are mothers that want the best for our kids.
To be honest I have  days that are beautiful and everything goes to plan then other days not so much.
I struggle most days I'm not going to lie, why sugar coat it most days one has a tantrum and the other sooks in a corner both for not getting thei own way.
Right now Im on struggle street trying  to keep the bigger girls happy, entertained and the baby content while making sure everything else is done.
The past few days being stuck at home have made me almost loose my marbles but I didn't at least not yet.
But that's the honest truth and I've decided that that's what your going to get from now on, I'm not going to sugar coat my life to make us seem better when really I suck at most things.

So here's to a new chapter Victoria Shhh The Honest Blog.

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