Monday, May 18, 2015

Getting Your Body Back.

I promise myself each night before I place my head on the pillow that tomorrow I will wake up to practice some yoga or to workout while all the girls are still sleeping yet that has never happened (okay actually once), first it was the constant waking up with the baby, then school holidays started so why even get out of bed until the girls did and now the staying up late + co-sleeping with both smalls + the weather just make me want to stay in bed forever because who doesn't love a warm handsome sleepy man snuggling you?

I haven't properly exercised in months as I suffered with postpartum pelvic pain which has made exercising a little painful + I find it hard to find time for myself.

I am slowly started again as the outside my body looks like it snapped back but on the inside it does not feel right yet so I have to take great care with getting my core strength back and slowly work my to getting the rest back,

Without core strength many simple tasks will feel harder to archive so always put that first.

Here are some tips to getting your body back. 
The first 0-6 weeks.
1. Take it slow, let your body rest, feed it good food and just enjoy the first 6 weeks.
2. Get the all clear from your dr, get checked for Diastasis Recti as this will permit you do do certain exercises.
3. Start walk slowly 30 mins a day twice a week or more depending on how you feel.
4. Pelvic floor lifts while laying on the floor with your knees bent tighten your pelvic floor muscles hold for 5 secs then relax repeat 20 x
5. Abdominal bracing still laying on the floor brace your tummy tight like you are trying to get your belly button to touch your spine (make sure it does not affect your breathing) hold for 5 secs and let go repeat 10 x
6. Pelvic tilts while still on the floor with your knees bent, tighten your pelvic floor muscles and slowly tilt your bum upwards and let the rest of the body follow up while squeezing your glutes.
Hold for 5 secs, repeat 10x then rest then repeat again.
7. Now join all THREE exercise together. hold for 5 secs and repeat 10 x, slowly work yourself to holding for 10 secs + .

image; my failed attempt of doing yoga.

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