Thursday, May 28, 2015


The house is silent both big girls have gone to buy some butter with daddy so they can eat the freshly baked bread that just came out of the oven, the baby snuggled next to me letting out a few cries every now and then + or puppy snoring ever so loudly.

After reading A Cup of Jo's blog post on slow parenting and looking further into it and realised I'm always such in a hurry just to leave the house, the shops, the school everything really, I never look at what the girls want to look at or do because my excuse is "we don't have time" but we do, we have all the time.

A snippet of today.
 Yes that meant getting all the girls ready and out the door before 845 was a little tricky but I managed with just reminding them we had to be at school early, we didn't make it but we did arrive with all the other children that had missed the bell by 4mins.
Bella kissing us goodbye and running to her classroom.

We walked home admiring the loud trucks, the birds chirping and how the sky was so blue, once at home I tidied up, got Dani to sleep and Gabi her breakfast  which she enjoyed on the couch while watching play school and I smiled because it was only 930, everything was done and I could sit for my tea.

We later put our coats back on and  walked to the community library for story time, Gabi picking up almost ever leaf and commenting on why all the construction men had yellow tops on and my answer wasn't good enough.

I let her play in the park until she got hungry which wasn't that long and the mandarin I brought along just wasn't enough, so we walked back home attempting to count the cracks on the footpath until she stated "it's just to many mummy"

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