Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Taking Stock.

So instead of actually cleaning up the kitchen, rocking the baby to sleep or helping with homework I've locked myself away to have 10min to breath and found this list (below) on two of my favourite blogs (I think it was a sign)we kept Bella home today because she didn't have the best sleep due to her asthma creeping up, Gabi hasn't had her nap today and Dani is yet to have her afternoon one. 

making : tea + dinner
cooking : this apple crumbly cake by the lunch lady + sweet potato fries.
drinking : tea. (madame flavour's green, jasmine and pear one) 
reading : blogs + magazines
wanting : silence + no tools in the house.
playing :  i'll just sit here and pretend i can't hear him call my name.
deciding : do i either get up to check what he wants or to stay sitting and enjoy my moment.
wishing : good weather.
enjoying : my own company.
waiting : for the rain to stop
liking : the excuse to have a roast dinner + not having to do the washing.
wondering : if others will follow on this list too.
loving : that his making a barbecue 
pondering : if i should start my personal training business
considering : eating just apple cake for dinner instead
watching : keeping up with the kardashian (shhh)
hoping : to make this cake 
marvelling : at the amount at how big Dani has gotten.
needing : another cup of tea and woolly socks. 
smelling : the apple cake baking away.
wearing : simple jeans and a long sleeve top with slippers.
noticing : the girls needing a hair cut, their fringes are touching their eyes now.
knowing : i'll have to book for the hairdressers so we can be seen at a good time. 
thinking : of what I really want.
sorting : the summer clothes that were not warn this summer and the winter clothes already to small.
buying : pana chocolate + this bag.
getting : ready for dinner
disliking : bloodly bills + folding washing
opening : a new packet of self raising flour.
giggling : how its been more than 10mins + I have gotten up countless times due to screaming children.
feeling : sleepy   
snacking : apples, freshly baked sourdough and avocado.
coveting : a nice house.
helping : him protect the meat from the puppy
hearing : the girls running around outside
looking : for love.

the other two blogs are lamb loves fox and prpractising simplicity

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