Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Lately I’ve been noticing that even though I have everything I actually need I still need more things, things that really will not make me happy or my children happy because they just have that extra white shirt or that puffy glitter paint they’ll forget to put the lid on and it’ll dry 5min after they first use it.
Objects that really mean nothing but to glorify that we have money which we don’t have much of anyways. 
Which makes me stuck, the more I buy thinking it will make me happy the less happy I actually am.
Maybe its because I have grown up an realised that things mean nothing and that happiness needs to come from my family, my daughters or myself and that I shouldn't let others/objects tell me what makes me happy or not.

So I started writing a list. Each day I have added more because usually I don't notice them but now I have.

Things that make me genuinely happy:
Me time.
The girls laugh.
The girls sleeping.
The girls playing together.
Warm green tea.
Warm days.
Beach days.
Sandy butts (not my own)
Frankie magazine.
Pana chocolate.
Lazy days at home.
Sleep ins.
Late nights. 

Are you in the same boat??

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