Thursday, November 12, 2015

How to cut calories without dieting.

I am very anti diets, I am very anti eliminating certain food groups out too.
I also do not believe in depriving ourselves from things we enjoy eating only because they are seen as bad.
I also feel that we need to teach our children that eating a variety of foods is normal unless they have allergies or intolerance.

A simple guide;
1. Drink Water loads of water.
2. Only drink water, forget soft drinks and juice.
(Still need your coffee or tea you can still drink it just don't add sugar)
3. When eating out, order what you want but cut it in half and place it into a to go container for later or for someone else to eat.
4. Watch your snacking.  Are they good options?? Are they healthy?? Will they keep you full and satisfied until your next meal??
5. Don't eat 2 hours before bed.
6. Eat slowly, enjoy what you are eating. Mindfully appreciate what you have cooked or someone else has for you.
7. Make your food a little spicy. (For me it tends to make me fuller but I also eat less because its spicy)

So those are my tips, hope they work for you too.

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