Wednesday, November 04, 2015


She slept all night waking only this morning as I got up.
We cooked her pancakes for breakfast which she did not want, she wanted her sisters soggy wheatbix so that is what she got, so tiny yet so determined.

Its hard to believe that she is already ONE.
She is trying to stand on her own but usually just fall into her bottom, she says "mama", "dad" and pretty sure "Bella" and "Gabi"

She still love the boob + being close by and get upset if she see Gabi on my lap. 

She has started showing interest in blocks, little teddy bears and her sisters wooden farm set which she just steal an animal and crawl away.

She love to snuggle and also to bite which I'm not sure if it's because your teething, a stage or just to see our reaction which usually is a scream.

She is too cheeky with her four toothy peg smiles.

Its hard to imagine that a year ago she entered this world.
We love you Dani, oh so much. 

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