Friday, November 13, 2015

Post Pregnancy Body

Lets talk about it,
I gave birth well over a year now to my third baby, my body did not snap back to how others on social media has and I am very okay with that because this is my body and that is theirs.
Yes I exercised heaps during my pregnancy but I also was very tired and sore so I took it slow + I ate food, good food.

So here are a few things I noticed about the post pregnancy body
- After giving birth my belly did not go down straight away and its totally normal if you still look a little pregnant for a few months after.
- Stretch marks they happen I was lucky enough to only get them with Bella and even with the other two pregnancy all they did was re-stretch but I also used the wellbeing body oil religiously.
- After you give birth your stretch marks will be a dark red colour but its normal so don't freak it will take a while for them to become silvery and then a lighter shade of your skin tone.
- You will also get them on your breast as they will grow pretty fast over night.
- Hair lose it happens and then it grows back.
- Your hips will grow a few cms, for me thank god because I have never been a hippy lady.
- The first time you go to the toilet for a number 2 after the birth of your baby yes it will feel like you're giving birth again and yes it will probably make you cry.
- If you a breastfeeding you will be hungry, like crazy I need everything in my fridge to be in my belly hungry.
- Your breasts will leak at inconvenient times so always wear a nursing bra with breastpads inside.

and one thing I live by is Be proud your body carried a baby, so don't over stress if the extra weight hasn't or doesn't fall off, because you are not your weight you are a beautiful mama.

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