Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Its already the middle of March, its so insane that the months just keep going past.
and not much has really happen, just trying to get a regular routine down with the girls + myself which kind of fails most the time.
I'm so grateful today was much cooler than it has been the last few weeks, being able to wear pants without creating a puddle was the best thing ever, hopefully tomorrow is the same because I need to sleep without a fan in my face.
But off to bed now as tomorrow is another early raise due to run club.

week marvels.
watch : How to make a Peppa Pig house cake
Gabi's birthday is just around the corner and it has been a request.

Bits from the past week;
- Toys 
- Lunch Lady magazine.
- Our Puppy
- Toddler Naps feat. Frankie.

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  1. Oh, I feel exactly the same. Why is it so hard to get into a routine, rhythm? Where has the beginning of this year gone? And feeling very grateful for the weather change.