Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Well its officially autumn over here. It feels like autumn, it smells like autumn and its slowly starting to look like autumn too. 
I almost started to miss summer this morning as I got up but then the sun was so warm when in peaked through the porch door while I hanged the washing up that I forgot the whole I hate autumn/winter mental faze that I had going on. 

Today we drove 1.5 hours down to the south coast to enjoy probably the last warmer days and to watch the girls play in the sand and dip their toes into the ocean.

The drive is the same drive I used to take with my parents down to my uncles/aunties place, it is a drive that I can tell you what everything looks like with my eyes closed.
We don't get the chance to go down much due to life commitments its such a odd feeling to bring the girls to a place I grew up at but so much has changed and so many people now.

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