Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Taking Stock

Keeping stock is my favourite thing to do, I haven't done one in a while. 

Making : Toast
Cooking : Pasta with Egg for Chris.
Drinking : Green Tea
Reading: Natalie's Spring Newsletter
Deciding: To book a holiday to Bali for just us two or with the clan.
Wishing: So many little things.
Enjoying: Some alone time.
Waiting: For the sleepy bunny to come hit me.
Loving: My little family I created.
Considering: What to cook for lunch tomorrow.
Buying: Dorothy the Dino concert tickets.
Hoping: A easier recovery for a loved one.
Needing: A hug.
Smelling: Coconut and Lime candle. 
Wearing: Cosy jumpers + work pants.
Thinking: Memories.
Admiring: My children and the ease they accept things.
Getting: Cold toes this cool spring night.
Disliking: The pile of washing I need to organise and wash.
Opening: Too many bills.
Feeling: A little sad.
Hearing: The rail drops on the tin roof 
Forgetting: A little to many things.
Embracing: early morning raises to get my workouts in before work + life.

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