Thursday, January 11, 2018

5 ways to keep exercising while the children are at home.

The girls are currently on the their summer school holidays which lasts roughly 6 + weeks, we have 3 or so weeks left.
So trying to find time to exercise while trying to juggle them + my job collide way too much.

Go for a walk. 
Chuck the smallers ones into the pram and the older ones on to their scooters or bikes and away you go, even if you just go down to the park down the road or the shops.
Your moving and they are burning energy.

Go for a swim.
With this one you might have to take some one else so you can do a few laps on the pool or you could race your kids a few times.

Search + Check out Youtube.
Youtube has loads of exercise videos available for you to watch and do along with the person.
Tone It Up girls have a range of workouts from pilates to hiits.
Lola Berry short yoga videos.
Rachel Aust  mostly hiit videos that you can do right at home.

Practice Yoga.
Yoga With Adriene is my go to yoga guru she's currently doing a 30 day yoga journey called True.

Invest in a workout/training program.
A few people have brought out their own training programs but please look into it before you decided to invest your money, make sure that person is a created personal trainer, nutritionist if they are including their meal plan too.

The Bod is a program that includes both the workouts + the meal plan with recipes, it has 3 levels so you get to decided which level you think is ideal for you, which ever program you buy it comes with both a at home workout and the gym workout.
This what I have been doing for roughly over 6 months and currently started again and doing the at home training. 

Kayla Itsines you either buy her program or buy her app both are done at home.

disclaimer; not affiliated with any of the tagged products.

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