Monday, October 20, 2014

35 weeks

She is almost here, almost. We have started to get more excited as we now have 31 days left until the due day hits but I know she'll be here well before that, so I am just going to enjoy each an every movements even if it does feel really uncomfortable especially when its like she stands up & stretches up into my ribs. On Thursday we get to see her little face as we are getting a growth scan which I am really excited about, hopefully all is great & the next time we see her is when she makes her entrance to the world.

This week has been quite eventful as in the coming week or two we will be moving all our belongs into a much bigger place with an actual backyard, I am very nervous seeing as what if the baby comes before we move or during as I really want to settle in but unfortunately I will have to go with the flow & jump with both feet, this morning I have started to select all the books we regularly read & the ones we don't will be going to donations as with clothes the girls no longer need or fit into before I was very the baby can wear this but now I think the less we have the easier the move will be.

Hopefully by the end of the week I can have most of our place in boxes all ready but I am totally dreading the girls room, no one wants to unscrew the bunk beds.
Craving: nachos. 
Sipping on: green tea
Dreaming about: The new home & all the ideas I have to make it look beautiful.
Reading: Frankie.

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