Sunday, February 22, 2015

Newborn Must Haves

I am just slowly coming out of the newborn faze as baby Dani will be turning 4 months soon, I had planned all the things I wasn't going to do post birth but unfortunately we moved two days after as we ran a little late with getting the home we live in now ready. Lets just say crying happened a lot, as I wasn't full able to relax and enjoy the moment + she was my first warm weather baby so I had no idea how to dress her or myself.

Anyways here are a few things that saves my sanity.

1. Tom Organic breast pads they feel so wonderful against my sore nipples and I have tried them all on the market and hands down these are amazing. 

2. Sleepywrap/boba wrap I brought second hand of a friend I wore Dani and still do quite a lot so my hands are free to use with Gabby and Bella.

3. Tom Organic maternity pads. 

4. Stokke Flexi Bath a gift we received for Gabby and because its so small it was easy to pack away and forget.

5. Bonds newborn coveralls even though it was warm when she entered this earth we still used plenty of these and still use them at night as our home cools down a little bit too much.

6. Cute baby clothes because you just got to do it. peace sign onesie from children of the tribe, and top with bird and stripe nappy cover wilson and frenchy summer 2013

7. Love to dream swaddles perfect for our baby as she loved to keep her hands up.

8. Beautiful wraps by Toshi, they are super soft. We used them to cover her when she slept in the bassinet during the day, when we go out to either keep the sun from her face or warm when she falls sleep.

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