Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It is cold and gloomy, it has not stopped raining since it started in the early hours of yesterday morning and its not going to stop for the next few days.
Our bed was so warm this morning that venturing into the world outside seems like such a big mistake, unfortunately B started school much to her disappointment, I had to get up into the cold of our home to make breakfasts, lunches and snacks lucky he drove her because I was not going to walk in the rain/wind.
For now a quick shower is needed but followed by cossing up to watch some movies with our two little people because going out with them two without our maclaren and just the ergo is not a very smart idea, but surely it will happen once he gets home as I feel like cooking some soup for dinner.

images; our bed, new slippers, breakfast plates + flowers, tucked in (book), G.

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