Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Night

The cold has officially set in I felt it in my bones while I watched the girl play at the park this afternoon.
Tonight as I tucked them into bed I made sure they all had pajamas with feet to keep them extra warm and also making a mental note that it was time to bring out the big thick blankets.

Its now way past my bed time, I've been flicking through the web selecting things for if we decided to change our living room or or even our bedroom, everything else seems so much nicer than what we have now.

Tomorrow we are off to the city to spend a few hours reading books at that famous Japaneses store followed by some coffee for me and a babycino for B.

Now as I wait for him to finish his shower the house is silent for the first time all day its actually very lovely but I am craving to get back into our bed to snuggle up next to D who is like my personal hot water bottle, while I read a little more and wait for her to wake up for her next feed.


Enjoying; The silence inside our home

Reading; Back to this The Complete Buddhist for Mothers

Admiring; This onesie from Nature Baby for D, a top by isla collective and this dress for me, these shoes for G and a few books for Bella.

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