Thursday, June 18, 2015

 It's actually 1am and I'm just getting ready for bed, i washed the dishes, picked up after the dog who spent all day at home who decided it would be totally awesome to pull apart the washing basket, such a wonderful thing to find laying around the kitchen all in little pieces for me to pick up.  now please remind me why we have a dog??
I have both smalls in my bed and I can see him passed out on the couch, I can here him snoring too gosh I wish I had is simple life. 
Im already dreading having to get up to get Bella ready for school later this morning.
The baby is stirring at least I can lay my head on the pillow while I feed her to sleep, maybe even close my eyes and fall asleep myself.
 Gabi has woken up while he transferred her to her bed tonight is going to be hard.

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