Sunday, January 03, 2016

How to Set Goals.

Write them down ; 
Place goals in a place that you will/can see everyday so you make sure you are making your way to achieve them.

Need to be specific ;
This makes it easier for you to achieve your goals.
Figure out how you will achieve these goals.
e.g I want to lose 10kgs, something more effective/specific is I want to go for a run/gym every day all of January/February and go from there.

Be Clear ;
By being clear on how you will achieve these goals,
priorities goals, some will be easier to obtain while others not so much, try to get the ones you think are easier ticked off first so you feel that you are on track.
Create mini goals to achieve if your main goal is much larger that way you are less likely to feel like you have failed if you do not reach the end.

Change or Make new habits ; 
Remember it takes 21+ days to train out of a "bad" habit,
Figure out how you can maintain your new "good" habit.
Take it slowly;

Environment  (home/work/life) ;
Will it help you achieve your goals??
Are you motivated to reach your goals??
Do they understand why you have this goal??

Mindset ; 
Keep yourself positive, try to avoid to negative things/people/objects.

Good Luck.

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