Friday, January 08, 2016

To DO Lists.

There is no lie when I say my favourite time of day is when the girls are all sleeping even though they have no actually set bedtime time.

Lately they have been pushing it quite late which in return makes it so much harder for me to fall asleep because I lay awake mentally creating to do lists and realising so many things should have been done the day before but weren't, occasionally I write it all down slowly crossing off the things done but always adding new ones but also should I be sleeping or getting on the to do list that I have created.

I have so many things to do on those lists that I just look at it and start to think are somethings even possible???
Do I really need to do it all???
but then here I am taking a break from the to do list and adding a few more things.
Anyways I am now off to wash the dishes, hang the washing and start dinner prep.

Do you have any?? Do you mentally write them or do you have a note book??

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