Friday, September 02, 2016

Swimming in the Great Barrier Reef.

It was something I never really thought about.
Something I never thought I would ever actually get to do but we did, on the Monday that just passed we boarded a day cruise from Cairns Marina to a pontoon located in the Great Barrier Reef.
I had never seen such blue water and so many fish in the wild getting in with flippers and snorkel gear to look at everything was such an amazing experience. 
The two smalls refused to get into the children/toddler section because if had fishes inside it but Bella became brave and went snorkeling with Chris all around the allocated section, looking and taking photos of what she saw under the water taking in as much as she could to go back to school and tell her friends.

Dani and Gabi feeding the fish
Fish eating the food
Chris' flippers
Bella my view
Bella Chris' view
Under water coral
Purple cral and blue fish

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